Analytical results in under 2 minutes.


Take control of your quality assurance needs at a fraction of the cost of contract labs.


Accepted by the Scientific Community as a Validated Method by the Peer Review Process

Our Goal

KavaLytics™ provides clients with a fast, affordable, accurate and validated quality assessment method for Kava using a state of the art handheld Near Infrared spectrometer, paired with a powerful, cloud-based artificial intelligence machine-learning platform that is intended to implement quality controls and traceability throughout the Kava value chain. Simply point the scanner at a bag of Kava powder and get instant lab quality results on any blue tooth enabled IOS device. Print, save, or email the analysis results on the spot, or create a label to apply to the product, complete with a QR code for quality control, traceability compliance and added value at each step of the value chain.

KavaLytics™ 4.3.0 Model

Features and Accuracy

  • Positively identify Kava – 100%
  • Determine if Kava is Noble or Non-Noble – 95%+
  • Predict total Kavalactone content within 0.7% of a ISO-17025 HPLC Lab
  • Predict moisture content within 0.2% of USP 731
  • Predict the first three numbers of the chemotype i.e. “4-2-3” - 60%+ (Beta)
  • Predict total Flavokavain A+B content within +/- 0.05% (Beta)
  • Detect common adulterants of Kava including:
    • Excessive Peeled Basal Stems or “White Kasa” Content
    • Unpeeled stems or stem peelings or “Black Kasa”
    • Aerial stalks, Upper Stems, and leaves
    • Spent kava or “Makas”

The new standard in kava quality testing and traceability

KavaLytics™ is the result of listening to the quality control and traceability needs of kava industry stakeholders at all levels of the value chain in 7 kava producing regions. Based upon industry feedback, KavaLytics™ proudly partnered with the data science experts at Sagitto in Hamilton New Zealand, to build a machine-learning platform that was trained on over 500 analyses of kava performed by a highly credentialed ISO-17025 analytical lab with vast experience in kava analysis. The result is the most technologically advanced, comprehensive and robust kava analysis system ever built. Thanks to machine learning, the method continues to learn from each new kava sample it is given and will always be at the forefront of fast, affordable, and accurate kava analysis. As you read this paper, the KavaLytics™ method has already learned from new data acquired by a user scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the current KavaLytics™ model?

The model is constantly improving. However as an initial quality assessment model, it is currently able to correctly determine Noble and Non Noble Kava over 95% of the time. The model can also predict the total kavalactone content of kava powder within 0.7% of a properly calibrated HPLC at a highly credentialed ISO-17025 Lab.

The next version of the model will include another 50-60 samples and we expect to improve substantially on our beta model of the chemotype predictor and Flavokavain predictor. With further cooperation from exporting countries, the model will continue to progress.

How often is the Model Updated?

The model is updated every other month and generally includes an additional 50-60 samples. We prioritize sample sets that will lead to the greatest improvement of the model. For example, if the most inaccurate predictions are coming from 100% lateral roots from Tonga, then we train the model with an additional 4-5 samples of Tongan lateral roots so that we can bring the prediction accuracy above and beyond the average accuracy of the current model.

The updated version of the model is automatically utilized by the device, requiring no action on the users part. You always have the most refined version of the model every time you use it.

Advantages over traditional HPLC and "Other" quality assessment methods

There are several advantages to implementing KavaLytics™ as an initial quality assessment model as opposed to HPLC, TLC, and UV/Acetone methods.

Instant Results!

No more waiting weeks for HPLCs to come back.

Versatile Reporting

Receive the Certificate of Analysis on your phone, email it as a PDF from the cloud, or print a sticker via any IOS compatable network printer.

No wet chemistry!

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals like acetone, diethyl ether, methanol, and acetyl nitrile.

No complicated Sample preparation

Simply point and shoot at a bag of powder.

Low initial cost

Low initial cost compared to HPLC, GC/MS, and other methods

Low staff training costs

Very low staff training costs – Simpler than the Acetone method.

Low ongoing testing cost

$25 per sample compared to paying lab tech hours to operate sophisticated equipment.

High degree of accuracy

Highly accurate - Repeatable results.

Rapid deployment

Whether deploying 1 or 100 units, they work out of the box and provide consistent results.

Automatic Updates

Units automatically utilize the latest version of the model as revisions are made

Built in Traceability

Scannable QR Codes Show movement through the supply chain